Southwold Beach Huts Through the Lenses of our Members’ Cameras!

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Sunny day at the seaside
Friday 4th August 2023 showers on their way
Priced at £10 - go to to purchase and to read the backstory of this and her other book:
Author Janet Gershlick lives in Southwold and recently wrote this book of stories behind beach hut names, benches and pier plaques.
WFBH (Working from beach hut)
Summerlea 75F Inside
Summerlea 75F Outside
Summerlea 75F Inside
Storm brewing
Sailing back to the prom March 2023
Watching the return to the prom March 2023
Calm at sea
Stormy seas
Seagulls on parade on North Parade beach huts
Residing in the Pier Car Park over winter
Sunset over Southwold
Stunning rainbow over the pier
Floating by in Brightlingsea
Paddling in Southwold August 1934. Credit Victoria Berridge
Sunbathing on the shore  beside Southwold pier August 1934. Credit Victoria Berridge
Huts on the Move - March 2018
October sunshine
To book this hut, contact Sue on 07979 811390
Happy Christmas
North parade beach huts
Helicopter view North parade
Helicopter view Southwold Pier
The old damaged hut
Longshore Again 126
Looking North on a gorgeous 2012 day!!!
Balmoral docks at the pier July 12th 2012
Looking North
A very early dawn down on the beach
The sun sets over the boating lakes
How many people have taken this shot?